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 Mark Byron, ed., The New Ezra Pound Studies

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. ISBN: 9781108614719, xiv+289pp, $98




 This book develops key advances in Pound studies, responding to newly available primary sources and recent methodological developments in associated fields. It is divided into three parts. Part I addresses the state of Pound's texts, both those upon which he relied for source material and those he produced in manuscript and print. Part II provides a comprehensive overview of the relation between Pound's poetry and translations and scholarship in East Asian studies. Part III examines the radical reconception of Pound's cultural and political activities throughout his career, and his continuing impact, a re-assessment made possible by recent controversial scholarship as well as new directions in literary and cultural theory. Pound's wide-ranging intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic interests are given new analytic treatment, with an emphasis on how recent developments in gender and sexuality studies, medieval historiography, textual genetics, sound studies, visual cultures, and other fields can develop an understanding of Pound's poetry and prose.



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Author Biographies

Editor’s Introduction, Mark Byron


Part I: Pound’s Texts

1. Classical Literature, Leah Culligan Flack

2. Early Medieval Philosophy and Textuality, Mark Byron

3. Ezra Pound’s Pisan Cantos: The Promise and the Limits of the Archive, Ronald Bush

4. ‘Scoured and cleansed’: Ezra Pound and Musical Composition, Josh Epstein

5. The Visual Field: Beyond Vorticism, Rebecca Beasley

6. Texts of The Cantos and Theories of Literature, Michael Kindellan

7. Pound and Influence, Richard Parker


Part II: Ezra Pound and Asia

8. Pound’s Representation of the Chinese Frontiers: From the War Zone to the Green World, Akitoshi Nagahata

9. ‘A Treasure Like Nothing We Have in the Occident’: Ezra Pound and Japanese Literature, Andrew Houwen

10. Ezra Pound and Chinese Poetry, Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas


Part III: Culture and Politics

11. The Transnational Turn, Josephine Park

12. Pound, Gender, Sexuality, Carrie J. Preston

13. Italian Fascism, Anderson Araujo

14. Late Cantos, ‘Aesopian Language’ States’ Rights, and John Randolph of Roanoke, Alec Marsh

15. Copyright, Archie Henderson

16. The Temple and the Scaffolding: The Cantos of Ezra Pound and Digital Culture, Roxana Preda


Afterword: ‘read him