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Ralf Lüfter and Roxana Preda, eds., A Companion to Ezra Pound's Economics

Nordhausen: Verlag Traugott Bautz, 2019. ISBN: 9783959487153, 315pp, $54




The aim of the anthology is to question the poetic dimension of Pound's economics and to render it accessible for the study and understanding of economics as such. As David A Moody argues in his exemplary contribution, when Pound affirmed that poets ought to occupy themselves with economic matters he meant “that they should do so as poets, that is, in their poetry”. A first step towards the realization of what Pound claimed to be a genuine poetic responsibility and an ineluctable artistic obligation is to take a constitutive stance within the realm of economic issues, suspending the common practice of building on consolidated concepts and models that are taken for granted and applied uncritically to what is assumed to be economic reality. Therefore, the poetic dimension of Pound's economic thinking, generating the groundwork for a new approach to economics, is discussed in the contributions to this anthology. Furthermore, Pound’s work is remembered as a contribution to economics in its own right. For the present Pound's economics is forgotten – not in that it is not discussed but in that the discussion about it, carried out by economists as well as by other scholars, is first and foremost based on the said consolidated concepts and models. It then seems to be incomprehensible, unintelligible, hermetic, incongruent, heretical. For that reason its original trait, its source character, remains concealed for now.



Ralf Lüfter, Economics out of Ethics

A. David Moody, Economics and The Economy of The Cantos

Sebastian Berger, Towards a Poetic Economics: Studies in Ezra Pound’s "Poetry with a Hammer"

Leon Surette, Pound: Economic Guru

Bill Freind, From the Oikos to the Cosmos: The Anti-Economics of Ezra Pound

Alex Pestell, The Bank of England an the "Crime / Ov Two Centuries“

Roxana Preda, Gold and/or Humaneness: Pound’s Version of Civilization in Canto 97

Peter Liebregts, Ezra Pound, Aristotle, and Ancient Greek Economics

Mark Byron, The Poetic Dimension of Economics: Byzantium

Alec Marsh, Pound’s Agrarian Bent: Physiocracy and the Ideological Origins of the Wheat in Our Bread Party

Mark Steven, Ezra Pound and Mr Marx, Karl

Kristin Grogan, Ezra Pound and the Anarchist Economics of Silvio Gesell

Guy Stevenson, "Money and how it gets that way“: Ezra Pound, Henry Miller and the Economic Process of the 1930s