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Desmond Egan. HOPEFUL HOPKINS. Essays. Introduction by Robert Smart. Newbridge Co. Kildare: Goldsmith Press, 2017. ISBN  9 781870 491785. Paperback; 120p; €20/ £15/ $25.



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The image of Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) as a suffering, despairing depressive, wandering sadly around Dublin during his last 5 years there - has been too readily accepted.

In this new Collection of Essays, poet DESMOND EGAN sets out to correct the balance, emphasizing the energy and optimism of the great English poet who wrote almost a third, and some of his best work, in Ireland; some of it in Kildare, in Clongowes.

Hopeful Hopkins features an Introduction by distinguished American author and critic, Professor Robert Smart, an expert on Irish writing.




Essays on:

Hopkins, Pound and The Modernists

Hopkins in Ireland

Hopkins and James Joyce

Neurosis and Writers

The Irish Use of English

The Theme of Exile


Poet Desmond Egan was once called Ireland’s only Poundian and has read and lectured at various Pound conferences. His work is included in Ezra Pound and Modernism. The Irish Factor (Everett Root, 2017). Egan is Artistic Director of the G. M. Hopkins International Festival in Newbridge College, now in its 30th year.

Author of many poetry collections; three of prose; two published translations of Greek plays, he is also the recipient of various awards, including The National Poetry Foundation of USA Award and, recently with Liam Neeson, the IBAM Award of Chicago.

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