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KAHTOC. [The Cantos of Ezra Pound].

Translated into Russian by Andrei Bronnikov.

St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2017.



This edition is the first complete translation of The Cantos into Russian. The publication includes an introductory article and detailed commentaries written by the translator. The book has 944 pages of fine high-quality paper, its weight is 1.27 kg and it has an “enlarged” format of 170x215 mm. It includes Man Ray’s portrait of Ezra Pound printed on glossy paper. All ideograms and other pictograms have been copied from the original New Directions text, retaining their original size, proportions and positions. In addition to the detailed glossary, the book includes a table showing the translations of all Chinese characters into Russian keyed to the page/canto number. 

ANDREI BRONNIKOV is a contemporary Russian poet. He is best known for his poetry collections Zen elegies and Species evanescens and is the author of academic papers on Platonism, philosophy of language, and mathematics.