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Gordon Sellar started writing his blog on The Cantos in February 2012. He remembered having read a few in a postgraduate seminar: being a writer himself, with sci-fi and occult leanings, he intended to make Pound the protagonist of a novel. Blogging The Cantos, one at a time, a canto a week, had to be his research and preparation. Glancing over his shoulder at his earlier dabbling, academic or otherwise, Sellar remarked:

Looking back on earlier posts, I seem to have been bound and determined to read all of The Cantos, to the point where, from the vantage point of the present, I am disappointed with myself for not having done so. The problem is, one cannot simply pick up and continue after seven years of having left a book on the shelf. So I am thinking I will start again, for the last time I hope, and post at least once a week about the Cantos, until I have finished the book. (Ezra Poundings – The Reboot, February 2012)

Sellar’s readings have the academic side in the background, but are personal and quirky views on the poem that might be enjoyed for the humour and verve of their author. The blog started in force, first the Ur-Cantos, then a reading of one canto after the next. But as events unfolded in unforeseeable ways, Sellar abandoned the blog after having reached canto 57 in May 2014. It was clear that the China cantos were taking a toll on his patience.

However, we are happy to report that this epic confrontation is not over: Sellar resumed reading the poem in January 2017 and has now started on the Adams Cantos. His latest entry, from 28 April 2017, deals with Canto 62.

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