Robert Sheppard



Mosaics underfoot

Rises past tall brown windows
To tinted skies carved fruit on

The way painted brisk as if for
A masque

Capital sinks
Through the vault blouses

Shiver on shoppers before the foot
Note’s restored to

The convolute a
Polished truth



Iris Barry reptilian
Green metallised by

Wyndham Lewis
On buckled canvas awaits re-

Discovery here’s a ‘mistress’

A smutty footnote
Grubby whites on a

Marlow Moss abstract
Amid primaries

Mondrian supports
And struts


3 (Fujiwara)

                    terracotta terrorist with
Pixelated video eyes closed lids

For your casting smashed and
Fragmented on the floor of mis-

Reading costing an arm t-shirt leg tight
Sweat-shop jeans
                                   guard for eternity

The mad Emperor of Capital
Return to real life ‘emotional’

But transfigured (quite shyly
Precisely formal Sickert

Hides in his own shadow from self



[I discovered Pound before university, as an editorial hand behind Eliot, as the instigator of Imagism, with its basic poetic hygiene, and as the inventor of a kind of China. The Cantos came later. Like many in the alternative British poetries Pound’s metrics have been important. Witness a story about Pound’s death being announced at one of the Poetry Society meetings of the ‘radicals’ during the 1970s Poetry Wars. After a stunned silence, the chairman Jeff Nuttall began chuckling, and declared to the meeting: ‘All move up one!’ – RM]