by Seda Şen Alta






The reception to Ezra Pound and his works in Turkey have been sparse, nevertheless they exist. Although translations of his poems and some of his articles were printed in journals on Turkish Literature in the 1960s and 1970s, they were usually not academic journals; Pound and his works, as the titles below indicate, were aimed at introducing the poet to the general reader. It is in these years that we see translations of his poems appear for the first time in print. Recently, in the past five years, some of these translations have been reprinted. At a glance, we can infer from this bibliography that Pound first appears in periodicals with “ABC of Reading,” followed by some of his short poems. The first poetry collection by Pound to be printed was Cathay, in 1963, and Selected Cantos in 1980s. The Cantos in their complete form have not been translated into Turkish yet. One of the most interesting entries in the bibliography belongs to Cemal Süreya; in his obituary for Pound, the prominent member of the movement Second New Generation in Turkish poetry describes him as the poet who was successfully able to use clear and straightforward diction, and further draws attention to how the Cantos make up Pound’s opus magnum, exemplifying at times his “didactic search for rhythm” by tracing centuries of poetry, resulting in his “violent, innovative aesthetic” in poetry that “resists the norms of civilization.” In the past twenty years, several articles on Pound appeared in scholarly journals, such as Jast and Frankofoni, and one MA thesis on Pound’s use of the ideogram has been completed. Yet studies on Pound appear to be a vast area to be explored in Turkish academia in the future.



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a. Archive Website:        Go to site 


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