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from North Hills

attrib. by Pound (after Fenollosa) in Cathay (in the enlarged reprint in Lustra) to ‘Kakuhaku’; 

quite a way after Kuo P’u (276-324 AD)



eternally moved


         jade flash :: ruddy kingfisher


         shimmer-sheen in trumpet vines


         green lianas tie forest down


         canopy on mountain’s side


         amidst all this, one meditative:



         silent out-breath, scarce a sound



         heart set free to climb the sky



         …dining on foliage, sipping from streams…


         like red pine    s l o w    t o    a s c e n d



         flight of geese through dun hill smoke


  hills float extensive at left hand


  shouldering aside great cliff to right


  ask those, ephemeral as mayflies,



  if they know half as much as a turtle or crane