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Ivan Juritz:




PhD Thesis: Pound and Man’s Soul: Pound, Cavalcanti and the Science of the Soul.

Supervised by Jacqueline Rose and Mark Currie.

Queen Mary University of London.


 List of publications

(translation – contributor) The Penguin Anthology of Russian Émigré Short Stories (forthcoming autumn 2017).

Rev. of Seductions and Enigmas: Laplanche, Theory, Culture, by Nicholas Ray et al. Textual Practice (forthcoming 2015).

Rev. of Mayakovsky: A Biography, by Bengt Jangfeldt. The Nation (forthcoming).


A Whirling Tissue of Light.” Make It New 1.4 (February 2015): 63-67. Web.

English in a Couple of Days. A Textual Source for Mallarmé’s ‘Un Coup de Dés’.” Textual Practice 29.1 (January 2015): 11-35. Print. (Prize winning piece).

Rev. of Personae, by Sergio de la Pava. The Literary Review October 2013.

Rev. of Five Debut Novels. The Literary Review. September 2013.

Rev. of A French Novel , by Frédéric Beigbeder. The Independent 17th August 2013.

Rev. of The Spectre of Alexander Wolf , by Gaito Gazdanov. The Independent 23rd June 2013.

Rev. of Letters from the Palazzo Barbaro , by Henry James. The Observer 9th June 2013.

Rev. of The Gardener of Ochakov, by Andrey Kurkov. TLS 9th August 2013.

Rev. of The Garden of Evening Mists , by Tan Twang Eng. The Literary Review September 2012.

Rev. of Samuel Beckett’s German Diaries, ed. Mark Nixon. TLS 1st June 2012.

Rev. of Somewhere Else, Or Even Here, by A. J. Ashworth. TLS 30th March 2012.

Rev. of The Outlaw Album, by Daniel Woodrell. TLS 18th November 2011.

Rev. of The Storm at the Door, by Stefan Merrill Block. TLS 4th November 2011.

Rev. of The Accident, by Mihail Sebastian, trans. Stephen Henighan. TLS 9th September 2011.