FellSwoop Theatre made their first site-specific show in East-London, 
performing for two nights only in November 2012 at the Allpress Espresso Cafe, Shoreditch.

Ivan Juritz was a deeply valued and respected member of our group and will always remain in our memories. His comments were always measured and extremely intelligent, always delivered to perfection and with a beautiful balance of elegance and wit. There were none of us who did not learn immensely from Ivan every month. It was a privilege to be in his company. His loss will be felt most keenly, not only in the silences that his joyful erudition would otherwise have filled, but also in the absence of the gravity of his personality and kindness, which filled the room whenever he spoke. His loss to our generation is immeasurable.

James Dowthwaite, co-organiser of the London Ezra Pound Cantos Reading Group



Ivan’s loss is a deep and painful sadness to us, as it must be to all who knew him, and, as James has said, his perceptive, thoughtful and wise contributions will be acutely missed by our group. Ivan had a warm, engaging, vitally alive personality, with all the promise of a very brilliant career.  He thought deeply and with originality, and was impressively widely read, yet he was also sensitive to the feelings of others, and was unfailingly courteous and kind. I know he was much loved and admired by his fellow students and staff alike at Queen Mary, University of London, where he was working for his PhD.   He was always fascinating to talk to and his intellectual curiosity and verve were a joy to see. Our hearts go out to those close to him.

Helen Carr, co-organiser of the London Ezra Pound Cantos Reading Group.