If expressing the telic arrests the subject, Odysseus,

       What in reality is cognized?

Taylor’s “implacable.ahistorical demands of objects.”1

       The “pure fungibility” of the worker.

               Telos steers cognition by thralls of scrutable power.

       “Lights reception serving strictly the critical

                         Or evaluative by detecting

                                  And eliminating bad moves.”

               “The system is arbitrary in its basis.”2

Corpses choke the seven taxonomies.

        Theory backdates the actual 

                Until, for economy, a system is installed

                         That presupposes the actual.

But as Meyerson knows, “Reality rejects the identity

                To which reason would reduce it.”3

        As quanta are absorbed unassimilated

                Into the catastrophe of the discrete’s oligarchy.

Tautologies grappling midair, the cumulus

                           Of a positivist firmament.

         “A reversal of figure and ground.”4

                 Evolving a core perfidy.

                           In reduction perception relies

                 Upon the medium of rigorous analogy.

                           So that what is

                                       Is perceived

          In the light that cannot be.

                  To seek advantage where

                            A shadow inhabits a “there.”

          Empty the shape between state and state

                   That consciousness can only imitate.

The proximate intimacy with a “fundamental symmetry”;

           Forcing “the Heisenbergian question:

                      What is the moral economy

                                Which make certain actions likely?”

     This leap of faith.

             “It is theory,” according to Einstein

                       “Decides what we can observe.”5

              Its element freedom; its theme suppression.

Presupposing production of life

                                  In its specifically determined forms.

Discovery as a formal expression of intent,

       Exhorting immortality by accelerating into extinction;

                Such that apocalyptic rehearsals hardly impugn

                The enormities committed in the living room.

         “Even on the moon, where there is no life,

                 Civilization arrived with more care.”---

                                  Carlo Zacquini6 working among the Yanomami7

Echoing Gandhi’s retort, “Civilization?

                           It would be a good idea.”

And the Post8 for decades coded the stench

           Of 900,000 murdered in Indonesia,9

                  200,000 in East Timor,10

To “further U.S. interests.” A cess of editorial intent.

           Suharto,11 that social Darwinist, that entrepreneur,

                   Rendering his people a decultured bouillon

           For ladling by Chevron and IBM.

Said Ol’ Dan’l Drew, “If the lions don’t like it,

                             They won’t eat it.”12

            The postcard arrived bearing the single inscription,

                       “Dja Karta.” Ricardo Stern, Chile, 1973.

      “The carnage had had a pedagogic effect.”13

             “Alternatives to the bomb existed

                         And Truman and his advisers knew it.”14

              Two billion made,

              And Japan was there

              In time to school

              The Eastern Bloc.

And Kuwait? A goat tied to a stake

       But Iraq was the real kabob.

And during the fireworks John Q. got his pocket picked

                         Again. And like a skunked hound

       The flag tossed

                As though to rip the stains from the cloth.

       And the resumes of Reagan -Bush appointees

                Read like the eighth circle of Hell.

                         Having their families surveilled,

They bind god’s judgement

                          To the institutional conformity of an independent counsel.

           Secular simoniacs. The office of Attorney General,

                       “a vessel for every kind of fraud.”15

And through the complex at Langley,

                 Director Gates with its one sex follows,16

                         And with its other leads.

         “Forms ready to exchange their matter.”17

         [by dioxin, female fish with male characteristics.]

False counsel. Pound’s sign through the lantern

                                                     Of Bertran de Born.18




                   Imaginary conciliare to Il Duce,

         By way of Ahitophel,

                                 By inciting father against son.

                    Absalom against David,

                          The New Testament against the old!

To Nature laws are fugitive.

         Tactical dependencies described as certainties

                                  Reveal their habituation.                

                     McNamara21 “convinced that once

          Some quantifiable threshold

                                   Of U.S. inflicted pain

                      Was reached,

                                   The Vietnamese would give up.”

                       “...[W]ith your center on Skull Hill.

            That’s your bit of frontage.

                     Skull Hill’s your load.”

             “The enormous tragedy of the dream...”

                      “From that tump

                                  Without the wall, project

                                              An imaginary line...

               Cutting Cheese Hill back to this block

               Of silex where you now stand

         And you’ve got your medium point of vision;

                                              Now hold it.”                

               Plumb beyond the ‘other’ is arrayed..

          “That’s how we keep the walls of the world;

                                  By sector and subsector,

                                  Maniple by maniple,

                                  Man by man,

                         Each man as mans the wall

                                         Is like each squared, dressed stone

                         Fronting the wall but one way

                                   According to the run of the wall.”22

“Ignoring all differences

                          And all identities

                                   Not related to the selected structure.”23

         “Things that lend themselves to quantitative measurement;

          Things invested with an importance that distorts out of all proportion.”

As computers amplify bureaucratic insouciance.

            Techne’s habituation. The appetites

                               Of the criminal justice system.

             The anxiety of self-interest to proliferate

             Within the legalist taxonomies of the police state.

“People were happy with the facade,” reported Bacigalupo;24

      “Explaining the character’s celebrated moral freedom

      As an automatically evolved philosophical appendix of free trade.”25

The quasi-mythical sentiment of the frontier 

              ‘Communal enterprise’ and ‘rugged individualism;’

“A simultaneously singular and universal genesis.”26

                An encrypted violence cryptic to its perp.

       The Pennsylvania mob that cheered the slaughter of Iraqis

                Embrace Gandhi in Harrisburg—electorally.27

Saint’s charity as it might inform fiscal policy.

       “The B-2 bomber can haul a large payroll,” blooped Secretary Cheney.28

                 “And...petty larceny

                                 In a regime based on grand larceny

                                                Might rank as conformity.”29

                 So “be joyous, [America], you are great indeed,

For over sea and land you beat your wings;

Through every part of Hell your name extends!”30    

        “The great dream of the end of History

                Is the utopia of causal systems...

                Just as the dream of genesis

                Was the utopia of classifying systems.”31

D’Alembert’s Dream,

                The “neural nous of Diderot.”32 Mitotic.

The cortical mirror “licks the mirror of Narcissus.”33

                The holography of love.

                Fibonacci’s care is order.34

A thousand vacuum tubes arrayed like the eye of a fly.

      The “Hall of Mirrors” Saigon.35

                Shell’s seed the delta of intent.

Component’s chitin exuded

                  From the pupa’s appetite.

                                 Its jaws abscessing space.    

Surgical strikes shear with scarified semantics.

         Flesh systematically obviated.

                  Numbers absolve intent.

Mathematical proof is the proving ground.

         National security, the higher good.

                  The graph wears a hood.

         The world conforms to the shaping charges.

The individual shattered against mathematical expressions

          And polished for language in commercial discretions.

“All your desires have become economic choices.”

          The blood of lambs thickened into gravy.

                    The end of history announces the end of the world.

          The eschatology of reason.

                     The crucifixial bow tie

                     Of Strong A.I.36

          The cortex, the grey goo of nano.

          The millenary conflation of capital with techne;

                      Of money with freedom,

Except for the freedoms that trespass property.

           From Zagorin: “The salvation awaited is to embrace...

                      All the elect...

            It is to occur in this terrestrial world,

                                          Before the eyes of sense...              

            It is expected imminently...and...

                      Is to be total,

                                           Utterly transforming...

             Accomplished through the intervention

                                            Of supernatural agencies...

              After a period of suffering and oppression...”37

                       Parodied by World Bank Structural Adjustment Loans38

              The amnesiac bankers ravage up

                        Utopian amnesias.

              Today’s great folk literature of famine.

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