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Pound’s Compound Coinages in the OED

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Source: The Life of Words, a website dedicated to poetry, modernism and computing. In response to a query about compound coinages from Joyce's work included in the OED, David Antoine Williams, the editor, provided comparative lists for T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound. Below, please find Pound's list and for further edification, explore The Life of Words website. 

Here is what Williams remarked: 

Well, here at The Life of Words, we aim to please. Since I’ve been muck­ing around with Python scripts to get at OED’s com­bi­na­tional for­ma­tions (those bits typ­i­cally at the end of entries that list affixal and attribu­tive com­bi­na­tions), it was rel­a­tively easy to get together a list of instances where Joyce is listed as the first to have com­bined words in these par­tic­u­lar ways, so far as OED2 (1989) was able to tell.

Caveat: the list doesn’t include any terms that are head­words in OED. Just com­bos. 


Pound's combinations 

double zero,





man-filled, many-fingered, many-twined, mass graves, mist-wrought, mud-slings,

neo-nietzschean, nerve-wracked, night-wonder,

over-inflated, over-oiled,

pre-malthusian, press-bosses, pug-bitch,

rag ends, rain-blur, rain-ditch, rain-tears, rain-cold, re-beams, red-gilded, rhyme scheme, ribbon-clerk, ring-having, river-bridge, river-marsh, rowing sticks,

salt-bright, salt-wavy, sand-stretch, sea-surge, sea-fellow, seven-towered, six-holed, smooth-oiled, spear-print, spirit tower, spur-clinks, squirrel-headedness, stone-cliffs, stone-bright, suet-headed, sun-film, sun-driven, sun-fed,  sun-gold, swan-flight, swollen-eyed, sword-hate,


uncounterfeitable, under-emphasis,

wheat-wine, white-stockinged, wind-streak, wing-flapping.



Note: Image created courtesy of Taxedo, © 2015