JOHN ALLASTER – PhD student at McGill’s University, Canada. John took his MA on the topic of the aesthetic of the luminous detail in Pound’s early work.

MASSIMO BACIGALUPO – Professor of American Literature at the University of Genoa, Member of the Ligurian Academy of Sciences and Letters, and former President of AISNA, the American Studies Association of Italy. He is the author of The Forméd Trace: The Later Poetry of Ezra Pound (1980), Grotta Byron: Luoghi e libri (2001), In Venice and in the Veneto with Ezra Pound (co-author, 2007), and the editor of many volumes of essays and translations, most recently America and the Mediterranean (co-editor, 2003), Ambassadors: American Studies in a Changing World (co-editor, 2006), Ezra Pound, Language and Persona (co-editor, 2008), The Politics and Poetics of Displacement: Modernism off the Beaten Track (co-editor, 2011), Ezra Pound’s Canti postumi (2002), and Posthumous Cantos (2015). He has contributed to The Modern Language Review, American Literary Scholarship, Journal of Modern Literature, Paideuma, The Paris Review, The Wallace Stevens Journal, Notes & Queries, etc. He is the editor for American literature of the multi-volume Dizionario Bompiani delle Opere (2005), and a contributor to the Oxford Companion to Italian Literature (OUP, 2002), Anglo-American Modernity and the Mediterranean (2006), T. S. Eliot and the Concept of Tradition  (CUP, 2007), Wallace Stevens Across the Atlantic (Palgrave, 2008), Ezra Pound in Context (CUP, 2010), T. S. Eliot in Context (CUP 2011), Will the Modernist: Shakespeare and the European Historical Avant-Gardes (Peter Lang, 2014), Ezra Pound and London: New Perspectives (AMS, 2015). Long active as translator and organizer of poetry events and of a yearly Bloomsday celebration in Genoa, he is a member of the jury of the Lerici-Pea Poetry Prize and in this connection has prepared volumes by International Lerici-Pea Prize recipients Seamus Heaney and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. In 2003 he was awarded Italy’s National Prize for Translation. Bacigalupo’s Italian edition of A Draft of XXX Cantos was published in 2012.

MARGARET FISHER  Independent researcher and choreographer who has published extensively on all aspects of Pound’s musical compositions and their relationship to his poetry. She is the winner of the 2003 society prize for her book Ezra Pound's Radio Operas: The BBC Experiment 1931-1933. Her most recent publications are The Echo of Villon in Ezra Pound's Music and Poetry. Towards a Theory of Duration Rhyme and The Transparency of Ezra Pound's Great Bass (2013). Together with Robert Hughes, Fisher received the society award again in 2013, for lifetime achievement in the study of Ezra Pound and music.

RHETT FORMAN  PhD Literature student at the University of Dallas, Texas where he also received his MA in English. He earned his BA from St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico and participated in the University of New Orleans’ Ezra Pound Center for Literature at Brunnenburg in 2014. His research interests include liberty in the epic and modernist American poetry.

ARCHIE HENDERSON  independent researcher and attorney. He is the author of "I Cease Not To Yowl" Reannotated. New Notes on the Pound/Agresti Correspondence (2009) and the co-compiler of the ongoing Bibliography of English Language Scholarship on Ezra Pound on the EPS website. His current project is a guide to archives on conservatism, the right wing, and the far right.

ROXANA PREDA  Associate Lecturer of American literature at the University of Edinburgh. She is the author of (Post)modern Ezra Pound (2001) and editor of Ezra Pound's Economic Correspondence, 1933-1945 (2007). She currently serves as the President of the Ezra Pound Society and is senior editor of Make It New. Her current projects are Professional Attention. Ezra Pound and the Career of Modernist Criticism and A Companion to Ezra Pound and the Arts - two books in collaboration with Michael Coyle. Together with Ralf Lüfter, she is co-editing the project A Companion to Ezra Pound’s Economic Thought. Her digital work includes The Cantos Project, The Ezra Pound English Language Bibliography (together with Archie Henderson) and the digital Ezra Pound’s Poetry and Prose. In 2015 she received a five-year Leverhulme fellowship for The Cantos Project.

CLAUDIO SANSONE PhD student in Comparative Literature at the U of Chicago. He grew up between London and Rome before moving to Dublin, where he received his B.A. Hons in English studies from Trinity College. His main interests are: epic literature, and the philosophies relevant to dealing with myth and cognition in both ancient and contemporary epic. He works as Chief Editor for the Ezra Pound Society’s Online Bibliography of Italian Pound Studies (OBIPS), and as an Assistant Editor to MIN.

GAVIN SELERIE – was born in London, where he still lives. He taught at Birkbeck, University of London for many years and edited the Riverside Interviews series. His books include Azimuth (1984), Roxy (1996) and Le Fanu’s Ghost (2006)—all long sequences with linked units. A volume of selected poems, Music’s Duel, was published by Shearsman Books in 2009. His work has appeared in anthologies such as The New British Poetry (1988), Other: British & Irish Poetry since 1970 (1999) and The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (2008). Essays on Pound feature in Richard Parker ed., News from Afar (2014) and Walter Baumann & William Pratt, eds., Ezra Pound and London (2015). A wide-ranging interview is available here.

MARK STEVEN – Research Fellow at the Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia, based at the University of New South Wales. He has published chapters and articles on modernist literature and film. He is the co-editor of Styles of Extinction: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (Continuum, 2012) and of The Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos (Edinburgh UP, 2015), and is author of a forthcoming monograph entitled Splatter Capital: The Political Economy of Horror Films (Repeater, 2016). He is currently completing a monograph on American poetry and the spirit of communism, with chapters on Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Louis Zukofsky.