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Forthcoming in our next issue:

A survey of their career in music and Ezra Pound studies

“That summer we were back in Venice with Bob’s precocious Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra, performing Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Mahler’s Tenth and Bob’s Estampie in the Church of the Frari. Olga arrived in time for the excitement. The priests overloaded the electrical system while trying to light a ninety-piece orchestra and the electrical panel caught fire! The show, however, did go on, with Olga in attendance. Our friendship grew over the years. During a 1982 visit she responded to a question about her role in the 1926 Le Testament salon performance by putting the music to Pound’s second opera Cavalcanti in Bob’s hands. Scholars had located only half of the Cavalcanti scores and this proved to be the missing half.”

                                                                        [Reads somehow familiar… Ed.]