The 36th Conference of the Ezra Pound Society of Japan

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It is with great pleasure that our society can announce a first contact with our colleagues from Japan, who have kindly informed us of their annual conference: 

This year it took place on Nov. 1,  at Ryukoku University. 

Their society periodical, the Ezra Pound Review is now in its 16th year. The current number was published in March at the Nihon Fukushi University. 


 I. Opening Address (13:00~13:05)

Shigeyoshi Hara (President, Ezra Pound Society of Japan)


II. Session (13:05~13:45)

Exploring a New “Beauty”― Whitman and Pound 

              Michiyo Sekine (Tokyo City University)

Chair: Takaomi Eda (Waseda University)


III. Work Shop (13:50~15:20)

Personae and Voices in “Canto III” and “Canto VII”

            Tomoaki Suwa (Tokyo Jogakkan College)

            Akiko Yamanaka (Nippon Institute of Technology)

Chair: Junichi Koizumi (Nihon Fukushi University)


Summaries: Session and Workshop


IV. Guest Lecture (15:50~16:50)

Modernism and Ezra Pound

            Taketoshi Furomoto (Former Professor of Kobe University)


Chair: Masaki Fujimoto


V. Closing Address (16:50~16:55)

            Masaki Fujimoto


VI. General Meeting (Members Only) (17:00~17:30)


Chair: Yorio Hirano (Secretary of Ezra Pound Society of Japan)