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         by Ralf Lüfter







Earlier this year the Ezra Pound Research Center – Ezra Pound and his Contemporaries (EPRC) began its activities and launched its first initiatives. As indicated by its name, the EPRC, while focusing on the research of Pound’s literary work with the aim of fostering the critical understanding of his oeuvre, extends its scope to the exploration of the context of that oeuvre.

The EPRC is hosted by the Academy of German-Italian Studies located in the city of Merano at the foot of Brunnenburg, where Pound lived for four years with the family of his daughter Mary de Rachewiltz after his release from St. Elizabeths Hospital in July 1958. Founded in 1959 with the aim of promoting the cultural and scientific exchange between the German- and the Italian-speaking world, the Academy of German-Italian Studies is an institution for research and higher education in the humanities, with a focus on philosophy, literature, and art. The Academy carries out in-house and collaborative research and organizes conferences, symposia, doctoral colloquia as well as lectures, concerts and exhibitions. Because of its location and its scientific orientation, the Academy is an ideal institution for harboring the EPRC.Merano2

The future plans of the Center are manifold and ambitious. These plans include digitalization, cataloguing, archiving as well as editorial projects that make the poet’s
literary legacy available and complement the corpus of already existing text-critical editions and translations, especially those into German and Italian. In addition to this, the EPRC will initiate and take part in research projects directly linked to the poet’s literary work and its context. Though the EPRC does not provide scholarships or research fellowships, it can offer workspace and some logistic support, as well as a temporary affiliation, to scholars who wish to spend some time in Merano in close vicinity to Brunnenburg and Pound’s working library. Further initiatives of the EPRC include readings, colloquia, workshops and conferences. Through these activities the Center wishes to serve as an international collaboration forum for Pound scholars and as a training center for young researchers working on Pound and his contemporaries. At the same time, the EPRC conceives itself as part of an international network of scientific institutions devoted to Poundʼs work and
 is happy to establish links and collaborations with these.

The Center, which was founded under the auspices of Mary de Rachewiltz and her son Siegfried, operates under the direction of Ralf Lüfter (U of Bolzano) and can count on a prestigious scientific advisory board formed by Massimo Bacigalupo (U of Genoa), A. David Moody (U of York), Siegfried de Rachewiltz (International Study Center Brunnenburg) and Richard Sieburth (New York U).

Further information about past and future activities of the EPRC is available here.