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Saturday 11 July





Saturday was very much a normal conference day with sessions in the morning and the afternoon. I went to the Pound Room and listened to presentations on the Noh and on Pound’s translation of Sophocles’ Women of Trachis. I returned after lunch to listen to Roberta Capelli, John Gery, and Rhett Forman.

The event of the day was actually the plenary session with Tim Redman, Richard Sieburth, and Emily Wallace. I was delighted by them all.

In the business meeting that followed I was allowed to announce a new project of the society: The scanning of the eleven volumes of Ezra Pound’s Poetry and Prose. Contributions to Periodicals. I had just received green light from Mary de Rachewiltz and New Directions to proceed with this idea and create this resource for our society members.

Then David McKnight, the Director of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of the University of Pennsylvania, delivered a splendid bid for the location of the EPIC 2017: his presentation was so professionally made that there was hardly anything for us to add or discuss. We had been privileged to be guests in a medieval castle, a place where the poet’s family was oriented towards the local richness and beauty of Tirol. Now we were shown the cool, contemporary architecture of an international institution of learning, the Kislak Center of the U. of Pennsylvania.

So it was decided on the spot: the 27th conference will be held in Philadelphia!

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The business meeting officially closed the conference. I rose from my chair disconcerted and already nostalgic. So that was it – was it over? I looked around me for friendly acquaintances – dinner anyone? Oh yes! And drinks afterwards, till late into the night.

No, no good-byes yet: the excursion to Gais!